Monday, March 02, 2009

our secret pets

We may not have a dog or a cat, or a fish or snail for that matter (not any more), but we have two very cool dinosaurs that we "adopted" a few weeks back. They are kept at a kennel called "Target" and we have visited them pretty much every week.

The dinos, aptly named 'Shroom and Lolli also, are currently living in the toys department. After our weekly routine at the Y not too far away, the kids love petting them going "hey there, kitty, kitty...". The kitties then quickly snap at the hands that feed them without fail.

It's amazing how well this pet ownership is working out. We'll keep visiting our dinos for as long as they are waiting for us. =)


Blogger EMBurke said...

Just wait until they grow up and get wise to you. It will make for some interesting dinnertime conversations.

11:16 AM  
Blogger radioflyer007 said...

I should mention that both kids know exactly what's going on. They know we are not buying them because they already have lots of toys. No tricks. No manipulation. 'Shroom and Lolli are both great kids that way. =)

By the way, 'Shroom and Lolli are our kids' Internet names (as opposed to "pen name", I guess). And now the "pets'" names as well (how does one do plural possessive on a quoted word?).

2:23 PM  

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