Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A bad wall-hair day to end the year

For those who have heard over the Internet grapevine, I simply couldn't beat my wife's quick facebook/twitter while lying on the floor trying to remember my name and to apply a tourniquet, one-handed, to my neck before the 3rd pint of the red stuff soaked the carpet permanently. Ha ha.

30 seconds earlier, I had picked up my 5 year-old girl to peer out the window for the pending rain. As I leaned forward, my knee got stuck on the new Chirstmas present, a big rubber exercise ball. The 220 lb combined body mass made the unfortunate decision to continue forward. My daddy instinct quickly concluded that there was just no pretty ending to the story. All the ingredients needed for a bad wall-hair day were present and revving for a big finale. I tucked Lolli's head as far back as I could and stiffed my neck for the impact. Crunch!

When my mind is not busy seeing stars, I think I am both proud of my big strong head and mad at the flimsy dry walls of the 60's construction boom. Seriously, no injury. No blood. Just another home improvement item to put on the list for 2010.

p.s. Photo was a reenactment, of course.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is what I have to deal with....GLADLY!

This business of taking care of kids is so fun and rewarding in these moments.

[Insert a big grin here.]

Monday, March 02, 2009

our secret pets

We may not have a dog or a cat, or a fish or snail for that matter (not any more), but we have two very cool dinosaurs that we "adopted" a few weeks back. They are kept at a kennel called "Target" and we have visited them pretty much every week.

The dinos, aptly named 'Shroom and Lolli also, are currently living in the toys department. After our weekly routine at the Y not too far away, the kids love petting them going "hey there, kitty, kitty...". The kitties then quickly snap at the hands that feed them without fail.

It's amazing how well this pet ownership is working out. We'll keep visiting our dinos for as long as they are waiting for us. =)

Friday, January 16, 2009

2008 in 30 seconds

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Got a minute to spare?

Or maybe 5? Try your hands at this puzzle:

Monday, September 08, 2008

Taekwondo Kid

Yup, the boy is working on his Taekwondo kicks and I think he is doing a darn good job at it! Next up, nailing a fly with chopsticks. =)

p.s. Practice, in fact, is hard to come by as jumping on the floor is banned for the noise and jumping in bed in outlawed for bad manners. Shhhh...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Dance to the Untitled Hymn

This simple song has made quite an impact on me in the past weeks. We were introduced to it by the kids' summer VBS program, Power Lab. It is now the top runner for songs to be played at my own funeral someday...

Here is another Youtube where Jesuslove08 puts it to a slide show with lyrics.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Teacher of the Year!!!

Teacher of the Year!!!, originally uploaded by radioflyer007.

This is no joke or Photoshop job!

We drove by West Torrance High School today and saw our friend's name on the big school sign over all the crazy graduation activities. Woo hoo! Drew, we are so happy and proud of you!

We went back to the school later that afternoon and snapped this on the cell phone.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wedding Photographer

Ahh, here are some pictures from Drew and Jeanie's beautiful and fun wedding in Oakland, California.

Ahh, these pix are from Drew and Jeanie's beautiful and fun wedding in Oakland, California.
I was given the license to shoot whatever I wanted. That was the fun part. At the rehearsal, my camera started to wig out and crash on the infamous "Err 99" about every 3 shots or so. Lots of shots out of focus or simply failed. That was a ton of stress. It got progressively worse and worse and the camera finally just died at the end of the ceremony (totally by the grace of God, no kidding)!!!
As it turned out, it was the 17-85mm lens that completely failed. Fortunately I had just gotten an el cheapo 50mm lens days ago. That prime (fixed focal length) lens carried me through the reception with much footwork in place of zooming.
In the end, this is what I learned:

  • Friends and love. Moments and laughters. These are a few of my favorite things.
  • I don’t like getting into people’s faces and taking pictures. (That makes me a bad photographer, doesn't it?)
  • There is no such a thing as too many toys, lenses, accessories, or a even a second camera.
  • RAW can and does save one’s neck.
  • White bridal gown and black tuxes, and bright stage lights and dimmed audience (you know what I mean) make for a long tough day and lots of Photoshop time.
  • Time to learn about HDR photography.
  • To avoid perpetual blood-shot eyes, always have your glasses ready for those busy times instead replying on only contact lenses.