Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A bad wall-hair day to end the year

For those who have heard over the Internet grapevine, I simply couldn't beat my wife's quick facebook/twitter while lying on the floor trying to remember my name and to apply a tourniquet, one-handed, to my neck before the 3rd pint of the red stuff soaked the carpet permanently. Ha ha.

30 seconds earlier, I had picked up my 5 year-old girl to peer out the window for the pending rain. As I leaned forward, my knee got stuck on the new Chirstmas present, a big rubber exercise ball. The 220 lb combined body mass made the unfortunate decision to continue forward. My daddy instinct quickly concluded that there was just no pretty ending to the story. All the ingredients needed for a bad wall-hair day were present and revving for a big finale. I tucked Lolli's head as far back as I could and stiffed my neck for the impact. Crunch!

When my mind is not busy seeing stars, I think I am both proud of my big strong head and mad at the flimsy dry walls of the 60's construction boom. Seriously, no injury. No blood. Just another home improvement item to put on the list for 2010.

p.s. Photo was a reenactment, of course.


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