Sunday, January 27, 2008

Captain’s log, Stardate 20080126

Weekend with Daddy, originally uploaded by radioflyer007.

Mommy is away for a weekend getaway in the sunshine state of Florida with a good friend. I am home with the kids. It was time to prove that Daddy was just as capable of caring for the youngsters. The plan was to do everything there was in our own sunny Southern California and tire the kids out.

The previously advertised rain storm seemed to be holding off for the morning. So after a late yet satisfying IHOP breakfast, we took a nice walk at our very own Redondo Beach. Yes, the actual beach. In January! There was nothing but blue sky above and colorful sailboats on the horizon. Only in California.

Back home, strangely enough, surfing the Internet for hours did not quite keep the kids occupied as I had hoped. But the ‘Shroom and Lolli did get a kick out of singing along with the little mice of “An American Tail” -- thank goodness for Youtube and all the illegally posted movie clips. Technology rocks!

. . . . . . . . Click here for some snapshots of the day . . . . . . . .

The day was still beautiful out. We had to go out for a picnic lunch at the park. ‘Shroom goofed around expending his endless boy energy while Lolli and I ran a mean game of football – well, until I lost her to the yellow dandelion flowers in the field... Girls will be girls. She’ll always put a smile on my face. We winded down the day reading at a local Barnes & Noble. I decided to reward Lolli with a Disney princess and horse book – both her favorites. Everybody wins.

In order to rekindle my masterful culinary skills, I put the kids in front of Dora the Explorer. (Note to self: We really need a Chinese Dora pushing Mandarin as a second language -- My two Asian American kids fluent in “hola” and “rapido!” just don’t quite make the FOB Daddy look good. But I digressed.) My Macaroni and Cheese had a wonderful fusion flare of frozen peas for fibers and chicken nuggets for proteins – making even the pickiest kiddy eater happy and the toughest Grandma proud. Watch out, Ming Tsai, here I come!

After baths and reading of the new princess-and-horse book, I was ready put the day behind me. "I love you, Daddy,” said 'Shroom before the light went out in their room. “I miss Mommy. I'll be thinking about her. And I'll be thinking about Snow White and Cinderella, too." With a warm smile, this Daddy closed the door too beat to even veg in front of the TV for the night.

My new plan: Upon Mommy’s return, beg like a baby for her to never leave town again -- No, no, avoid admitting at all cost how inadequate and limited I felt at times today… Grrgh, I can’t decide. Must go to bed now.

I, too, miss Mommy.

Air Boss. Over and out.

Friday, January 25, 2008

In Memory of Grizzley

In Memory of Grizzley, originally uploaded by radioflyer007.

On this day, January 25, 2008, we grieve with our friends Peter and Cassie and mourn the loss of Grizzley, a sweet and gentle friend to us all.

Photo taken on June 26, 2004 in New Hampshire as 'Shroom looked on at almost two years old.

Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Crash

New Year's Crash, originally uploaded by radioflyer007.

To start off the new year, Lolli and 'Shroom were monkeying around on a shopping cart at a local market, bringing it crashing down on themselves...

We are super thankful that her right eye dodged a near miss and an ER doctor friend was able to repair the laceration with superglue. =)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

POTD: 'Tis the Season!

'Tis the Season!, originally uploaded by radioflyer007.